A blog is like a garden. A cyber garden. You know, when it comes to followers. I’m not an expert by any means, but it seems like it just needs time every day in order to flourish. Like a garden. It needs ten or twenty uninterrupted minutes each day to pull the weeds or water. That part is more specific to the garden part of the metaphor. But I’ll still stand by it.

I’ve been free writing each morning for just over a month. I do not draw crowds on my blog like someone with real purpose does. But I have watched the steady increase of visitors. At first only one or two people would stumble upon it each day. Now it’s nearly a dozen every day. Yes some are returnees, which is good. Which is better. I would hope that people read what I’ve written and decide to come back.

I’m not a great blog writer because I lack a focus. This free writing situation was more about me writing something everyday and less about the blog. I just wanted to take a half hour or 45 minutes to write 500 words of free flowing thought, whether prose or very, everyday. I have so many short stories, a novella, and a novel that I’m working on, revising, actually, that these 45 minutes are my new content generation machine. Out of the last month or so, I’ve come up with three new ideas for stories through this 500 word free write daily idea. Once I think it has the potential to be a story I copy and paste that free write into a new document and put it in a folder. Once I have finished with a short story or my novella, I will have time to pick one of them up.

Back to the blog. The blog of Free Write Daily, was just a place for me to post the thoughts I have. In the end it lacks focus. The blogs that are more exciting are the ones that aren’t about that one person in general, but about something more expansive than oneself. This blog is that to an extent, but it is not specific enough to draw a large, interested crowd on the subject. And why should it be? From one day to the next my mind goes from Edward R. Murrow, to 500 words of prose, to some funky experimental verse, and back to politics or sports or even the blog that I’ll be posting this on.

This is just part of being human. I am not so focused on any one aspect of life. I am continually influenced by my friends and family and the media–what little I subject myself to. Because of this my blog is always changing, or the subject matter is. The goal remains the same, however. 500 words a day. Free write. Don’t think and just let the words flow. It’s a catalyst for new stories I’m excited to discover.


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