Last night I had a dream but the only thing I could remember about it was a sound. A great crash and the shattering of glass. It woke me up and I peered out my window to see what had broken, but everything was quiet.

I went back to sleep and slept the best I’d done for some nights. It was one of those sleeps–maybe because it was raining and I like the sound of the rain–that could have taken me well into late morning or early afternoon. But I am a slave to my habits and waking up at 7:30 each day is one of those, and writing 500 words a day is another, the first feeding the second.

When I woke this morning I went downstairs to relieve myself, then went back up to my desk where I typically do my free write each morning.

It had been an unusually windy night apparently because the wind had blown my window right out of it’s pane. It landed on my laptop, though luckily it was closed and there was no damage. And shattered all over my workspace. Large slivers of glass and tiny pinpricks dotting my carpet, desk, and chair with brilliant little stars.

As you can imagine I was quite surprised to see this. I had thought the sound only part of my dream in the end, but was obviously horribly mistaken.

The first thing I did was to slide my computer from the wreckage and check that it wasn’t damaged. Even if it had been it wouldn’t be a complete catastrophe, as I store most of my writings on google documents, but I still wouldn’t have been thrilled to have to buy a new computer.

Carefully, methodically, I began picking the larger pieces of glass off the desk, chair, floor, and computer. I place the shard in a paper bag, as it seemed less likely to be punctured than plastic. The shards were sharp and jagged. Not the kind of thing you’d want to see in a doctors office. Somehow I picked up all the major shards without cutting myself, using a flashlight to see where my shadow was cast. I grabbed the vacuum from downstairs but before trying to make the space a safe work place, I decided to wait until my roommates were awake. I didn’t want to wake them.

I’m more concerned now with the fact that I have a opening in my room where a window should be. I’ve been on a run of bad luck for some months. From breaking my arm, to having a difficult time finding a job (which wasn’t improved by my broken arm), to a broken window in my room (and that was early in the summer and was replaced), and now I have another broken window. Things just keep piling high for me on my to-do list, I guess I’m just lucky my computer was spared.

Luckily I’m a renter, so my landlord will actually deal with the broken window. But I’m hoping she takes care of it quickly, because winter is fast approaching.



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