Alright, Sally. What you see might scare you, but I want this to be an educational experience for you. Remember, this is where Daddy works. He spends most of his time here to help you go to school and to buy Mommy her fancy dresses.

This is where I get ready. Come on in, it’s okay. I put on my gown. No, not like a wedding gown or a nightgown, it’s more like an apron. Yes. Similar to Mommy’s but look, this one is plastic, see, so water doesn’t soak through and get Daddy all wet. Yep. Those gloves are long. All the way up to my elbows. And these boots might be big enough for you to fit in. Don’t worry sweetheart, I’m not going to put you in there.

Let’s go through to the floor now, okay?

So this is where the cattle come in. Cattle means a lot of cows. They get unloaded here and go to the Thumpers. Their called Thumpers because in the old days men would use great big hammers and Thump the cows on their heads. Yep, killed them like that {snap}. Nope, no pain involved. Faster and easier than falling asleep. I don’t know if cows feel afraid like people do. What do you think?—

Maybe you’re right, darling.

Now days we have an even better way, more painless way to send the cows off to heaven.— What is more painless than painless? I’m not sure, but with these devices no cow is ever left alive by accident. Yep, just like the can Grandpa has to drag around, but larger. This is called a captive bolt pistol, a little like one of Daddy’s guns, but it uses air and no bullets.

After the cow is dead it’s taken into here. This is where Daddy’s work comes in. We use this machine to cut off the cows head and these knives and cut off the skin. Yes, there is a lot of blood, but there’s lots of blood inside you also. The blood swirls down these drains. We use a lot of water to wash off everything. Yep, we cut off their legs and tails also. Then their taken this way.

Oh, darling, I’m sorry. I should have remembered your coat. This is the fridge where, as you see, the animals are hung up to dry and stay cool until the Cutters get to them. The Cutters cut along this bone here and open up the chest. All the organs like the stomach and intestines are packed into these buckets and–you know, I’m not sure where they go after that. Then the Cutters lop the bodies up into nice packageable pieces of meat that can be sold at the deli at the Safeway.

I know, sweetheart, it is scary, but I show you this because I do it almost everyday and I think you should know what Daddy does so that you can have clothes and school supplies and food. I also show you, because this slaughterhouse is different than others and hopefully you’ll never have to work here.


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