4/16/15 So You’re Back Together

Tom:  So, I have news.

Sent at 8:40 AM on Thursday

Deb:  go

Sent at 8:41 AM on Thursday

Tom:  I spent some time meditating on this Kyla situation, why she might be reaching out to me, why she’d be calling me at 230 in the morning. What I would need to say to her if we spoke.

I tried to work, but had a really difficult time doing so and spoke to one of my best friends about the situation–I couldn’t really function because I needed to know, one way or the other, what she wanted to say.

So I wrote down some notes about the things I wanted to bring up and told her we needed to talk.

Deb:  k

Sent at 8:44 AM on Thursday

Tom:  We spoke for a couple hours. At first I just told her how messed up contacting me was.

She said the conversation wasn’t going how she had wanted it to. So I gave her the chance. I told her, let’s start over–if I hadn’t said all this, what would you have wanted to talk about.

Sent at 8:46 AM on Thursday

Tom:  We spoke about why she would have treated me in such a way.

Sent at 8:47 AM on Thursday

Tom:  About her fears and insecurities.

Deb:  hang on


and then?

Tom:  She was scared of being rejected, but she wanted to try again.

She apologized a lot.

And I told her my weirdshitometer would be on high alert for some time.

there would need to be some serious trust building going on.

Sent at 8:51 AM on Thursday

Deb:  upshot?

Sent at 8:52 AM on Thursday

Tom:  I believe in second chances, and she wants one.

Deb:  so you’re back together.

Tom:  Yes.

Deb:  k

Sent at 8:55 AM on Thursday

Tom:  I know how to read her better now. I don’t think I’ll ever be manipulated like that again

And while I believe in second chances–thirds are a little more hard to come by… or nonexistant.

Deb:  you don’t have to explain it to me. whatever you want to do, i’m backing it.

Tom:  I knew you would.

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