7/18/15 Book Examples

Dear Bruce,

This makes sense to me. I’ve heard a lot about _Bright Lights Big City_ but never read it. One of my favorite books is _If on a winter’s night a traveler_ by Italo Calvio, which has two main characters both of them in second person PoV, and–it’s been a while since I read it–but I don’t exactly remember the specific details of either of these characters. My understanding of the book was that the YOUs were both the reader, and not the reader at all–as there is probably the more bizarre sex scene I’ve ever read between two characters.

I think this argument is bolstered by the very beginning of the book as the first pages tell YOU that YOU are excited to read _If on a winter’s night a traveler_ by Italo Calvino. Then, through the course of the book the first YOU character is introduced to situations and people that make it clear YOU is not the reader.

Any thoughts on this, as I don’t want to be blatant about the YOU character being someone other than a reader–I’d love to have it be something of a reveal, an Ha-ah! moment for the reader–“THAT’S WHO THIS IS!” But I’m aware that this might not be easily accomplished, if at all.

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