8/1/15 These Magics

“These magics can never be counted on to act the way one thinks they should,” she said, helping herself to some potatoes.

Susie followed suit. “You made the vial?” she asked.

“Made? No. I found it for Jaspier when he told my of your predicament. I am, well, knowing in the new magics, though I dare say none knows all of how the world has changed.”

Susie ripped off a wing from the chicken and placed it upon her plate before attacking it with a fork.

The Wittle Place, said Tessa. I don’t know–I feel it has answers for us there.

“Can you tell me why we’re bound?” asked Susie.

The golden woman looked at the Scotsman. Susie couldn’t be certain, but she thought the delivery man shook his head almost imperceptibly.

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