8/22/15 A New Idea

So I’ve thought of trying something new.

I’m currently dealing with a lot of revision concerning my novel. Because of this I’ve been thinking a lot about the craft of writing, revision, and technique of fiction. How does an author look at his or her own piece of fiction and say, “Yes, this is the feeling I wish to provoke in my readers,” or, “No, this isn’t working,” and furthermore, “This is how I will fix it.

Now, I’m capable, I think like most writers, of writing a great amount of material quickly. The first draft of this novel came to me within 3 months. About 100,000 words within three months is great, but at some point–this point–I need to look at those 100,000 words and say, “These are the ones I need, and these are the ones I don’t need, in order to tell this story in the most effective manner.” Or, “These are the words the reader will need to feel included in the plot and characters, compelled to keep reading, and interested in the ideas.”

So this is my problem I have comments that something in my manuscript isn’t working. I know why it isn’t working and then I delete, or reword, or rewrite something. I look at the comments again and then, again try to identify whether my new writing is accomplishing what I want within the scene. And that’s a whole different issue! What do I want my readers to feel when they read this piece? Identifying this is identifying my issues with revision. I think if I can understand my own desires in scenes that aren’t working, then I’ll be able to revise with accuracy.

This is the kind of post I want to start making. Each Monday I’ll post on technique and craft. This will most likely will be directed at my novel, but issues I’m dealing with, and how I deal with them, will hopefully be helpful or interesting to others.

Until Monday.



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