9/10/15 Freewrite again and on Guilty Pleasures

I find myself much more inclined to accomplish a thing if it is on a to-do list. To-do lists are a great source of inspiration for me. I don’t mean a to-do list on my phone, or computer, instead I like a tidily hand written to do list. I like it because it is clean and tangible and ever time I cross a project off it, that tangible thing is still there, but now has been X out. It’s not like a computer which is simply gone, deleted, white space. Instead there is a record of me having done this thing. I need to continue to do this. Or I need to get back to writing my to-do list every morning over coffee.

my to-do list for today looks like this:



Work on thesis

CV Article 1

CV Article 2



Research Freewheel Cargo for interview

I don’t number them because I never know what order I enjoy doing things. All that matters is that I get most of them done. Oh, I forgot one. . . That last one is something I shouldn’t forget.

Tomorrow I hope to have a little wee bit oh fiction for you. Just something for fun, which is something I need to bring back to my writing and not be so stressed about. Whatever you do, my dad always says, enjoy doing it. Whether I’m reading, playing video games (which is a guilty pleasure), or writing a new story, I should never feel bad or guilty about doing that thing if that is what you decide on. Guilty pleasures, though I have some, are completely over rated. Here to getting back to a schedule. Here’s to you, dear reader. Lets be productive together.


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