9/25/15 MODED: Chapter 2.0: Her Lullaby

(Read the whole story, as it unfolds, on Wattpad!)

It started to rain. The thrum of overhead traffic, of sirens, of the constantly whispering crowed beneath her window was slowly distorted by the patter of falling water. She didn’t notice. The sounds of the city, her lullaby, were still too loud. But the rain quickly stiffened and thrashed down, a torrent outside her open window.

Yu-Das knew it was foolish to leave it open, but she couldn’t sleep without the noise. She couldn’t stop her heard from spinning. She needed the sound of traffic and sirens and people to drown out her thoughts. But the pounding of the rain was different. It wasn’t familiar or comforting. It wasn’t predictable.

She turned in her bed and watched the water drip from the web work of power lines crisscrossing outside her window. The neon light from advertisements refracted through each drop as it fell. The wind created by traffic made the rain come down sporadically, though no less, and Yu-Das knew she’d get no more sleep until it let up, until the sounds of the city returned to put her to sleep.

She huffed and accessed her MOD. 1:37am. That denied call to Null puzzled her. He’d rejected it, hadn’t even cloaked it, either. Null-probably up late, wasting time on his ancient computer. She dismissed the rejected call, deleting the record from her MOD, and brought up her jobs. Precious few. Work was scarce-the corps had cracked down on a lot of safe houses lately and many employers were staying low.

Times like these, Yu, best to ride out with your head down, beautiful. Never know who might catch those pretty eyes on camera when you’re on a job, sweetheart, even a legal one. Go home. Stay safe.

Stay safe. That had been Simic’s advice, and as much as Yu didn’t like to be told what to do, Simic’s advise was never to be taken lightly. He hadn’t stayed in the game for this long without knowing something-or someone. But Yu still needed to make a living, and her cred was running dangerously low, especially if she needed to front work expenses.

A knock. She tensed, sitting up. Her hand was on her O’tanto at bedside table. She slid it from it’s sheath as she climbed from bed, aware of her short night shift-the only thing she wore. Whoever was at the door wouldn’t hear her, the rain was too loud. She crept out of the bedroom, around the couch and to the door. She accessed her MOD again, selected the app she needed, pausing only briefly to grimace at how much of her data she had used for the month already. She activated the app.

The walls, floor, ceiling, suddenly became pipeline skeletons. She could see the girders that supported the building and where the wiring was, the full maglock on her door, and someone standing outside it. She couldn’t tell who it was though, all she could see was his-the frame looked male-bones, standing and shifting, waiting for her to open the door.

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