Diagnosis: Dyslexia

There are some pretty famous people throughout history that had or have dyslexia. Woopy Goldberg has it I think, and apparently Einstein had it also because he couldn’t read when he was a kid, so his teachers thought he was stupid. But to tell you the truth I don’t know if Einstein had it or not because I don’t know if it was something that was diagnosed back then. Sometimes people who have a difficult time learning something, such as reading or writing get diagnosed as dyslexic but it’s just because they’re learning at a slower rate, it’s not because they actually have it.

So, how do you know I have it? Or had? Whatever. Well, I don’t need you to be convinced to know how difficult it was for me to learn to read. It was difficult. But you should know how they diagnosed me with dyslexia, and then you can decide for yourself if you think I have it.

So, to tell this story we have to go back to second grade. The same private school, same lemon yellow walls that started at white near the floor and felt like sunshine near the ceiling. We’re there now–just transported back in time. And obviously my teacher(s) were wondering why I was having so much harder of a time learning how to read and write and spell, because once that girl, Nataya, made fun of me for not knowing how to read my teacher(s) realized I had a problem. Since it was a private school they didn’t really have the expertise to deal with someone like me, so a lady from the public school came to my private school one day and took me out of Spanish, which was fine by me because–I mean–how are you suppose to learn Spanish when you can’t even learn English, which was more important at the time for me, because if you can’t read in our society you’re really not going to be able to do much.

The lady that came from the public school had short dark hair and wore a blue blouse and she had me do a bunch of weird things. First she had me read/try to read some easy books. Stuff like “See Spot Run” but obviously I couldn’t, and that wasn’t weird. Then she took out some papers from her binder, stuff with patterns and pictures. She had me cut along a line that was jagged with scissors. We put a ruler against the wall and I put my hand there, with my thumb out. She let the ruler fall and I snapped my thumb back to catch it. We did this probably a half dozen times. I guess it was for reflexes and stuff. Then she had me look at Rorschach pictures and tell her what I saw. I didn’t see much, just like mountain climbers and dinosaur fossils and cliche things like that.

The reason I don’t know if Einstein had dyslexia or not is because I doubt he went through something like this. Maybe he just had a difficult time read at first and so people think he might have been dyslexic. I think people think it’s cool to have dyslexia now days, but if you actually have it, it’s just a lot of work.

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