You Can’t Sound Out “Though” or “Neighbor”

Then my mother brought out Brother Bear. Or I think that was the name of the book. It was still a kids book, but it wasn’t like See Spot Run, you know, because it had more writing than pictures. But it still was a total snore fest when it came to the story. Nothing interesting was happening and who wanted to read about bears anyway?

The weird thing about dyslexia, for me, is that I could struggle with a word–usually one like “Though” or “Neighbor” on one line, then my mom would tell me what it was. Two or three or four lines later however, I’d see the same word and would struggle with it all over again. My mom would get angry with me and tell me we just read that word–but to me, it didn’t matter. I couldn’t remember what the sounds where so I tried to sound it out. Neighbor became NEE-F-BOR, and Though became Th-ow-F, and my mom would get frustrated and tell me I needed to try harder, but I was trying. There wasn’t a degree of me trying to read or trying not to read. I either was or wasn’t and that was it, so when I couldn’t read THOUGH that was all.

Even though I saw Amy once a week I didn’t improve my reading or writing very much. Not because of her anyway. I liked going to Amy’s not because she was nice or what we did was fun, but because I liked getting a pack of Pokemon Cards each week, and my friends at school also had some and taught me how to play so I didn’t have to read the directions and we battled almost everyday, which was fun, even though I had to ask for help to know what certain cards did because I couldn’t read them. But I was embarrassed to ask for help reading, so I didn’t have many people to play with.

Then Pokemon Cards were banned from school, which was really stupid because they were teaching me how to read more effectively than anyone else. What was the big deal?

But I couldn’t get all of English from just reading cards. And I don’t think my parents really noticed that I’d improved because I knew the key words on the cards now, but reading full storied sentences was still really difficult. So, one week my parents told me they wanted to take me to another specialist. This would only last a weekend, they said.

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