The Things That Fit

Yesterday I stumbled upon a 1984 Fuji Touring Series iv on Craigslist. It was about 50-52cm, not sure which. My girlfriend had been looking for a bike for some time and this one fit her, it was a touring bike, and it cost less than $200, which is a great deal if you want a touring bike. We took it to a shop after we got it and they said it was in good condition besides some cosmetic stuff. So, win for us. Cool. But there are a couple issues with the fit. Mainly, the down stem of the seat can’t lower all the way to the top/down tube, which I’ve never seen before. The reason is that the down stem hits a little nubbin in the down tube that is made for a screw to fit into for a water bottle holder. At first I thought that would be an easy fix, all we needed to do was switch the down stem with a shorter one and then she could lower the seat. The problem with this is, the seat would then be lower than the handle bars, so at this point I’m wondering if the handlebars need to be lowered as well, which is a lot of work.

We bought her a brooks saddle and some drop down handlebars to go along with it as someone had put flat bars on it. We’re going to have the breaks converted to the drop down style, which will be good, but I’m still worried about the seat situation. I’ve just never seen a bike in which the down stem doesn’t go all the way down to the frame.

Maybe that’s because I haven’t owned enough bikes. I know my way around my own, but I’m no expert.

Now, touring bikes are all about comfort and carrying weight for long distances. Right now she isn’t going to use the bike for that. She just needs something comfy to get around on. But I’d love to take her on a tour sometime in the years to come and the fact that the seat and handlebars are likely an issue isn’t a good sign. I’m looking at the bike right now and trying to figure out how we can get it to fit her better. The frame, I think is pretty perfect for her, as she sits well on it. But nothing fits anyone perfectly.

I guess what I’m trying to say is this: sometimes things that feel right, aren’t always the best fit once you get to know them.

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