I’m Working On Something Bigger For You

I’ve been working on a longer post for you. It’s been a slog. A lot of references and quotes that need to be verified. Sometimes it makes me think this is all too much to work on. But I think the issue is an important one. It is creative in nature as most essays are, but not a piece of fiction at all.

I implore you to hang tight. Just stick with me, as I give you something more substantive than a free write like this.

In research of this longer post, I’m combing through nearly 10 hours of film. The film Shoah, took nearly 10 years to make, and finally hit the screens in 1985. It’s the only documentary that I know if about the Holocaust that doesn’t use any back footage. It only relies on interviews of survivors, perpetrators, and silent commiserators. It’s a chilling film. Filled with long silent shots of the Polish landscape where truly horrific things took place.

I don’t know. After so much research I may want to get this piece published in a mag. Though I think its relevance will degrade over time–though one can never be sure about these things.

Writing about the Third Reich is so over done, and Nazi and Hitler comparisons are, by in large, hot air and rhetoric for one side of politics or the other. That’s why taking on such a piece is difficult. You must approach it from an angle that hasn’t been explored. I think I am, but I’m unsure. So my blog still seems like the most likely place for this piece to call home.

I’m very busy, but think I will have this piece finished in the next few days–I hope. I need to pick up a book that will lend me quotes, but it is a difficult book to find. I think I have a copy at my dads.

This is the most ill conceived freewrite I have ever done, but what can I say? I’m frantic for time. Always searching my backpack for lost minutes, hours, days. I suppose that’s what prisoners must feel like–where did all that time go–when they finally get their freedom. I don’t know if that ever changes for those who spend a chunk of their lives in captivity.

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