Summer Writing Project Now Live

Hello! I’m happy to announce that the first two chapters of my novella, The Night Sputnik Flew are now available to read on as part of the Summer Writing Project. I’m hoping to publish once every-other day or so. Each post is a new chapter/minichapter of my novella. Readers are encouraged to comment, critique, ask questions about the story, and more. I’m all for constructive criticism, so lay it on thick if you have the time/chance to do so. I have thick skin. If you do enjoy the piece, please leave a +1 behind and a comment as well. I don’t know what that accomplishes exactly, but whoever is picked by Jukepop and 1888 Center (a publisher) at the end of August, will have their novella published as a paperback. I don’t expect to be picked, but I’d love to have some exposure and if you like the piece please pass the word on to friends.

Here’s a little synopsis of what The Night Sputnik Flew is about:

The first night Sputnik flew, Sadie lost her faith. Now 18, she stands her ground against the only person she has left, her father, Michael. However, Michael is an old man from an old world–technology is an frontier he’s unprepared for. The confrontation reopens old wounds and as the past and present meld, both Sadie and Michael stand on the brink of the future, an oblivion neither of them are ready for.

Sure–that’s a bullshit synopsis, but it sounds alright–it’s got a nice flow, maybe. So, anyway, please do check it out if you have the time. Just click this link here, vote for me (pretty please) and pass along the word–Oh, and comment, let me know if you have a piece up for the Summer Writing Project also, so I can vote up your story as well.

It’s good to be back at the writer’s desk–I have some big news, or at least good news on its way tomorrow, so stay tuned.


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