My Year of Short Stories: Dec 4th. Evie M. by O.A. Lindsey, Iowa Review, 2013

A story about a veteran who has come back from Iraq or Afganistan and has found it difficult to adapt back to civilian life.

This story is the type of literature the makes me yawn at literature. Not because it’s poorly written, quite the opposite, but because it deals with subject matter so thoroughly trodden it doesn’t feel like a new story. It doesn’t offer any new ideas, just old ones wrapped in different packaging. The narrative is quick and readable, the character’s predicament is real and sad, but by the end of the piece I felt this story was similar to others in the same vein, complete with literary tropes like a recent breakup/broken heart, the loss of things the protagonist loved until the point they contemplate suicide.

While the story itself is a moving one, it doesn’t present the issues in a new light. (C-)

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