My Year of Short Stories: Dec 11th, September All Year Long by Etgar Keret, Drawn by Danica Novgorodoff, The Believer Magazine, Oct/Nov 2017

Today I read an illustrated short about that has some great SF elements. It’s about a society in which a company called NW (Nice Weather) can create the weather of your choice in the place you desire. Obviously, this is very expensive and so only the rich people in the world can afford to have summer or fall or spring all year round. One man, however, pays for multiple city blocks to be September all year round so he doesn’t have to face the rain/reality.

Then there is a financial crisis. The stock market plummets and he loses all his money, and so can’t pay for NW anymore.

The piece is beautifully illustrated in watercolor and pen. It’s a strong metaphor for how those with money wear rose-colored glasses even when the world around them is falling apart. Their money is a shield.


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