Jan 28th, 2018, The Solid Years of My Life by Holly Collingwood, Flash Fiction Online

This flash piece is pretty cool for how short it is. It gets a lot done. It’s about a person, woman, I think–but the narrator’s gender isn’t specified–who is the first to be put in cryogenic storage. The whole story takes place as this narrator is being thawed out.

At first, the character is pretty self-righteous. Self-important. The first human to ever live through cryo. 300 days of frozen sleep. Now long distance space travel–outside our own solar system–is plausible. But then the computer begins to tell the narrator things that don’t add up. It starts adjusting the atmosphere for humans. It mentions the cryo duration of over 180 years. Then the door opens.

The one complaint I have with this piece, I suppose, is that I think it could have been longer. I was curious what kind of world the narrator was going to find themselves on. I was curious what had happened to the rest of humanity. This is a good flash piece because it leaves you wanting more. (B+)

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