Jan 29th, 2018, The Fledglings of Time by Carrie Laben, The Dark Magazine, 2018

The Fledglings of Time is a story told by a nesting of ravens in a medieval time in which the teeth of humans become infected with a virus or disease that turns the host into a zombie.

Instead of remedying the situation, the ravens feast on the humans who perish in the wake of such a disease, though at times, specific ravens latch onto humans and even care about them–though never too much, as the birds see humans as their most tasty food source.

The story is told in first person PoV but slips into the collective “we” at times as well. It’s very clever, and the tone never breaks, creating a voice that is believable and lyrical all at once. While I’m typically not a zombie reader, this piece is certainly unique enough, especially in its use of collective narration, to hold my interest and intrigue me.

A solid take on a fantastical zombie story. (B)

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