Jan 31st, 2018, The Festival by H.P. Lovecraft, The New Annotated H.P. Lovecraft

One of my favorite HPL stories thus far.

The narrator returns to the coastal city of Kingsport (a fictional place, but likely based on Marblehead, Mass) for the Yule Tide festival. He arrives at night and notes how old the town seems. All the buildings are exceedingly old, and there are no signs of automobiles. Furthermore, when he arrives at the house he is meant to visit, the house of his family, he is greeted by a silent old man. He doesn’t even make sound when he walks. Soon, a procession of started and the narrator is led up a hill to a church, then down a stair into the bowels of the earth, though before he enters the church he notes that no one, not even himself, makes footprints in the snow. While the annotation here points this out as an inconsistency that doesn’t make sense, by the end of the story I think it does, as it calls into question the events as a whole, and while all the buildings and the town look old, it is revealed in the morning that the narrator had a vision of the far distant past. The lack of his own footprints may point to the fact that the past has already happened and he is helpless to influence it.

An interesting look at the rituals described in the Necronomicon. I definitely took some ideas from this piece I think can be applied to my novel.

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