Six Hangings in the Land of Unlikeable Women by Theodore McCombs, Nightmare Magazine, 2018

A fantastic story about the implications of the hangman no longer able to do his job, due to the fact that women have suddenly become unkillable, though still injurable, by men. The piece is broken into small accounts of men who have tried to kill women at the end of the 1800s, and the longer narrative of a woman making the connection that, in this new world, only women can kill other women.

This piece dives into the coming into power that women have found themselves within the last few years. It deals with the realization that when the big issues are raised people are now finally listening. But what if this wasn’t just happening now? What if back in 1899, or before men were suddenly unable to silence their victims. It’s a creative take on a sad topic, and the ending has real bite in it, as the character is a better person than far than others give her credit for. (B)


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