Survival by Fleda Brown, Brevity, Issue 57, Jan 2018

Survival by Fleda Brown is a flowing piece of nonfiction that tackles the most basic aspects of nature and how humanity has removed itself from our earthly selves.

The piece is braided, like many creative nonfiction essays, and jumps from the feeling of survival we are going through with our current political divisions, as well as the strengths and steadfastness of a single tree that has lived through presidents since before the great depression. It has seen all of it. It has seen the United States come into being and to what it is today.

This piece is timely. After the shooting at that high school down in Florida, I hear rumblings of student unrest. Of student outrage. These aren’t college students. These are high school students. Students who are constantly called lazy. Apathetic. Rude. self-centered with their technology and social media and digital awareness. The true digital natives. And these young people–they are now in the crosshairs of survival–or the lack thereof. Nobody is coming to protect them. So I hear of their fight for survival on the news. I watch teenagers with hollowed eyes, deep lines across smoothed faces, tell the public, politicians, anyone who will listen–please, help us.

This is what I took from this piece. After school shootings happen I can think of little else.


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