Glossary of Chain Accidents by Temim Fruchter, Brevity, Issue 57, Jan 2018

This piece is about everything the author doesn’t know. It’s about more than that, obviously–and it doesn’t always make complete sense literally, though metaphorically and emotionally it certainly does.

Lines stand out that touch the human emotional cords that all writers try to touch, try to stroke. Those ones are the ones about unknowing, about being afraid of mirrors, about jumping off a 50-foot cliff and not knowing where you might land. presumably, this author landed in water.

This piece makes me think about those moments I’ve had, fewer now than once before, when I’d look into the mirror for too long. It’s like saying a single word over and over and over and over and over and eventually, the sound of the word loses meaning. If you stare in the mirror for too long, your reflection loses meaning as well. It reveals as a shell that isn’t you and you, as in I, begin to question it. This piece is like that–perhaps for the author, and that’s it made me think of. I like that feeling. It makes my skin crawl. My eyes dry up, my mouth fills with a metallic singe as though I’ve just dropped a penny in my mouth, or perhaps something stronger. This piece elicited some physical reactions in me. I like that. It’s real–or perhaps just passing. (B+)

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