A review of a review? How does that even work? A Red Peace is pure science fiction fun by Shana DuBois, Aug 2017

Okay okay, I know this is weird. I haven’t read A Red Peace by Spencer Ellsworth, but it’s been brought to my attention, so I sorta wanted to read a review of it. And does the review really warrant a review? Well, no. It doesn’t. But I think the more people who hear about this book/trilogy, the better.

A Red Peace is the first in a space opera trilogy in which there are space bugs, i.e. space spiders the size of suns, cyborg populated planets, and a rich and deep culture. Dubois, the reviewer on the B&N website even goes so far as to wonder if Ellsworth will keep this series within three books, as the culture and world are far larger than that–she claims.

The characters also sound intriguing, though her account of them is limited and she gives no spoilers away–just enough to intrigue. Perfect.

One of the reason’s I wanted to post this is because I think I need to read more book reviews that DON’T give away the story. I feel I sometimes do that, and so a sample of how a good review works is, I think, important.

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