Down Where Sound Comes Blunt by G.V. Anderson, Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine, Mar/Apr 2018

This is a well written story of exploration and surprise. As a former scuba diver I was told the number one rule of scuba diving is that, if you don’t know what it is, don’t touch it. While that rule may not have changed the outcome of this story, it certainly wouldn’t have hurt–but perhaps it is, after all, not applicable.

Ellen, as a young girl, was dumped on her estranged father who was a conspiracy theorist looking for mermaids all over the world. When sh arrived on his doorstep it didn’t convince him to settle down. He just took her with him. They traveled all over the world looking for mermaids. And then, finally, a mermaid city ws found under the sea–but they aren’t really mermaids, their more like half human, half manatee.

Ellen, fascinated and in awe of her father as she grows up and joins the team that studies these “selkies.” But then her father disapears in the arctic, where a colony of selkies live. When she goes to investigate, she finds she is unable to understand this tribe’s dialect. However, the homing becon her father took with him when he was on expeditions keeps moving around under the surface of the ice. In a desperate attempt to find out what has happened to him Ellen must befriend this strange new tribe of mythical creatures.

It’s pretty good. (B-)


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