The Next to the Last of the Mohegans by Joseph Bruchac, Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine, Mar/Apr 2018

This is a humorous F&SF piece of humor. The main character and his best friend are both Mohegans, but that’s really consequential to the piece, other than the fact that his culture and belief systems are different than those the dominant narrative. Therefore, when the narrator’s best friend calls him asking for help, the narrator doesn’t have a problem with believing in what the Irish would call Leprechauns, but which they call Makiawisu.

The problem with his friend has is that he (re)assembled his time machine and has picked a fight with the wrong Makiawisu.

In an attempt to help his friend the narrator confronts his friend’s wrongdoers.

The best part of this piece is the way it builds a worldview of how things work in the eyes of the narrator. He is willing to believe in things beyond science, and he even says so. This piece takes place in a world in which science and myth intersect, and I like how the works.


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