Because Reasons by Alexandra Renwick, Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, Mar/Apr 2018

This story, written in the epistolary form, is a great example why love, SF, and punk rock all belong together.

This piece is a small collection of letters or messages from one person to a love–or a friend–who is already one their way to Mars as one of the first colonizers of the planet. This piece works because each letter is a concrete snapshot of the relationship. Everything from the first time the two smoked weed to the time they tried to spike a Mohawk with egg whites in Texas during summer and the egg whites cooked in the midday sun. Gross.

But that’s why this piece works. It also works because it really truly reads like a letter. This could be a missive from Mary Wolstencraft, just in a different era. A future era.

Thoroughly enjoyable. (B)


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