The Harmonic Resonance of Ejiro Anaborhi by Wole Talabi, Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine, Mar/Apr 2018

This piece is like nothing you’ve ever read, and I mean that in a good way.

When the young Ejiro finds a mysterious object that fell from the sky and picks it up, she has an out of body experience and is able to be in two places at once. Perhaps it’s like astral projection. But maybe not. Whatever happens, it changes the fundamentals of her consciousness.

She tries to tell her father, but he is busy planning a protest against the oil companies in the city they live in, Warri, Nigeria.

The next day–well, I don’t want to give it away.

The best part about this piece is the way Talabi writes extremely nebulous ideas and experiences in vibrant and understandable prose. His subject matter is really complex and difficult, yet he makes it beautiful and easy to read. This piece is about humans understanding each other, about the evolution of consciousness, and about how we can all do better as people. (A)


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