Abbott #3 by Saladin Ahmed, Illustrated by Sami Kivela, Colored by Jason Wordie, Lettered by Jim Campbell, Cover by Taj Tenfold, Boom Studios

Like any good story, the tension heightens, the plot thickens the deeper you go. Of course, as this is #3 of 5, You can count on something drastic happening.

jan181347The Story: The progress of the story works here, but it is a little predictable. A minor character has gone missing, another black man is killed, and Abbott finds a lead that sends her to a professor who might know more about what is going on. But all of this, doesn’t lead up to what you might think. Abbott is fighting on all fronts here and the ultimate conclusion of this issue isn’t one you expect–though look back at #1 and #2, you’ll realize you should have.

The Art: Again, the artists have made something really wonderful. The break up of panels is done in an interesting way, contrasting colors typically run up against each other, and despite the lack of flashbacks and a limited character pool, I never felt like Abbott was living in a void. The scenes in which she there are more people, the artist do a great job of making the world feel populated.

Conclusion: Would I recommend this series to a friend? At a run of 5 issues, I would have recommended it after the first issue. The thing is, there hasn’t been any drop off at all in terms of my interest in this piece, and though only slated for 5 issues–I and the local comic shop owner, are crossing our fingers for a second run.

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