Abbott #4 by Saladin Ahmed, Illustrated by Sami Kivela, Colored by Jason Wordie, Lettered by Jim Campbell, Cover by Taj Tenfold, Boom Studios

A lot happens in this issue. And maybe that’s the problem.

We pick up where we’ve left off–and things are pretty bad for Abbott. She’s hit rock bottom–or at least she thinks she has. Some things are said between Abbott and her ex-husband. Someone dies, and I didn’t see that coming–and didn’t know the character THAT well, so it didn’t feel as momentous as I think it might have.

Than Abbott gets a tip and everything just gets worse. She burns bridges and has to do everything herself. She asks for help–but maybe not in the right way.

While the art and characters are as wonderful as the previous issues, this is the first issue that didn’t feel completely natural. The main reason for this was the death, which hints at some emotional event, but the character who is killed isn’t real enough (like the other characters in this piece) to pull off the emotional impact needed.

I’ll definitely get the 5th and final issue when it comes out, but a run of 5 issues it is, perhaps, difficult to create the type of connection these characters and this world deserves.

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