The Bicycle Whisperer by Lisa Mason, Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine, May/June 2018

A lot of attention has been paid to autonomous cars in recent times, short stories in Asimov’s Science Fiction as well as F&SF Magazine, and also popular science articles, cov1805lg-250seeing as autonomous vehicles are becoming a reality one day at a time. This piece doesn’t deal with autonomous cars. It does, however, deal with autonomous bicycles. But this isn’t completely accurate either. See, this piece functions much more as a metaphor than any literal story of a young woman who tracks down a bicycle that has run away from its owner.

This piece functions on the metaphor of abuse, and it has something of a double meaning because much of what the owner of this abused bicycle has done to it are things abusive partners do to their lovers. Silence them. Hurt them while drunk, both physically and emotionally. Then beg for them back.

On one hand, this story is about autonomous bicycles, but most readers will see past this to the trauma it points at and to. (C)


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