Isola #2 Story by Brenden Fletcher and Karl Kerschl, Art by Karl Kerschl and Msassyk, Letters by Aditya Bidikar, Image Comics, 2018


I am a cat person. I love my cat. He looks like a miniature black panther and right now he’s trying to fit into a suitcase, which he is very capable of. I also love other peoples’ cats. Mean cats, nice cats, ugly cats, pretty cats. Cats are awesome. I like small cats and big cats. And when I say big cats, I mean tigers and lions and stuff.

e4a2556d32cff8df0c02ba4346dd35a8_xlWhy is this relevant to Isola? Well, Queen Olwyn has been turned into a lion by some kind of magic. We pick up the plot right where we left off in issue one. Rook, Olwyn’s guardian has led them to a broken village in the hopes of food when Olwyn collapses from exhaustion. Rook enters town alone, after making sure Olwyn is okay and will stay hidden.

In the town Rook sees a little girl in furs playing some kind of guitar type instrument, but when Rook approaches the little girl, she is clearly terrified. Then she gets hit in the head with a rock. Rook turns and is reunited with a man she vaguely remembers. A man named Bendix. They had been stationed at the same for or somesuch. Bendix leads Rook into an old church or something where he has supplies. Then he mentions that he knows about Queen Olwyn and how she was turned into a tiger.

Bendix also lets slip some background info about why Olwyn and Rook are on the move. The queen’s brother has been killed, but by whom, we don’t know. Then Bendix tries to blackmail Rook. She’s about to attack him when there’s a bunch of noise from the floor above. These huge wolves with red eyes show up and eat Bendix. The pack corner Rook and it seems as though she may be eaten, when the little girl wearing furs emerges from the pack. She reaches out with a hand like a werewolf and touches Rook’s nose. It was only here that I realized I hadn’t seen her fingers before. Then she gives Rook a book. Once which must be significant, though how I’m unsure as of yet.

Rook leaves the broken town and hikes back to where she left Olwyn, only to find the tiger is gone. While Rook was in the town Prie, this rather crazy mystic visits Olwyn and gets her to follow him.

In Olwyn’s place, Rook finds a hunting party. They corner her and it becomes clear they know exactly what is going on with the tiger, and who it is.

The backstory begins to take shape. I’m excited for more and was glad this issue was a little heavier on dialogue.

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