Isola #3 Story by Brenden Fletcher and Karl Kerschl, Art by Karl Kerschl and Msassyk, Letters by Aditya Bidikar, Image Comics, 2018


I should mention that by the time I had finished reading Isola #2, I had already decided to get a print subscription from Image Comics. Print subscriptions are delivered directly to your door once a month (or some such) for a reduced price of the comic you subscribe to. Isola is worth the sixteen bucks I spent for the next 6 chapters.

Isola #3 starts out with a flashback, or a vision, or maybe something else altogether. It’s similar to Rooks vision from #1, in which she finds the tiger that is queen Olwyn shot full of arrows in a near a swamp. But then the vision is gone and reality returns.

stl083874_1024x1024It’s worth saying that we get our first look at Queen Olwyn as a human. But when reality returns she is once again a tiger. Prie (or whatever his name is) is her guide and then board a boat to find the Moro, but what exactly the Moro is or are, we’re still unsure. They find some creepy-cool shrines that turn out to be creatures, though they aren’t explained. Along the wat Prie lets it be known that the relationship between Rook and the Queen may be more than a simple servant to her master, and rather something more romantic.

Meanwhile, Rook is taken captive by the hunting tribe who knows all about the queen’s predicament. Rook, desperate to find her queen, leads the hunting party along until the spirit guide that has guided both Rook and Olwyn shows up and distracts the hunting party. Rook makes a swift escape.

At night she is in the swamp reading the book the little girl from the ruined city gave her (that happened in #2) when she hears splashing from the swamp. When she investigates she finds people with the head of wolves; and one person that’s half bear. The bear-creature knocks rook out. When she wakes up there is an iridescent butterfly on her noes. She wakes in a warmly lit pool and Prie is there. She finds Olwyn as well, but Olwyn still as the head of a tiger. She can only say one word, as Rook tries to comfort her. “Mmurdererrr.”

That’s the end. The plot thickens. Read on.

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