The Bronze Gods by Jeremy Szal, Grimdark Magazine, #16, 2018

The Bronze Gods by Jeremy Szal is a post-apocalyptic SF story set in a world in which humans have destroyed the earth and now live in a giant tower. At its base is the earth, but the earth is shrouded in a toxic mist that makes the place uninhabitable. The ruling class of this tower performs experiments on the lower classes, trying to figure out a way to make people invulnerable to the mist. The results are gruesome.

16-monster-1-300x400The plot centers around two men, one of which goes and joins the ranks of the recruits, the other stays behind until Inquisitors come calling. Sebastion, the protagonist is the catalyst the brings the whole ruling class crashing down. True to the Grimdark genre, there are some pretty graphic scenes in this piece, portraying intense violence and disturbing actions.

It’s certainly grittier than most SF–even post-apocalyptic stuff.

Strangely, I caught a number of typoes in this piece that seemed pretty obvious. I guess this is a reminder why copy editors are important. An interesting story, but not one that offers up anything new. (C-)


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