Comic Review: Wasted Space, Issue 3


The cover here, of issue 3, might give a little bit away. If we recall the world we’re living in with this comic, it’s one of device profits (albeit disillusioned divine profits), monsters from a different plane of existence, and total pessimism. Let’s deal with the last issue first:

Philosophy: It’s clear to me that Mike Moreci, the author of this piece, has dabbled in the philosophical wasteland of pessimism in the past–or at the very least, has done some study on the subject.

After the death of his one-true-love, Billy Bane falls into a pessimistic existence in which he neither believes in fate nor sees how humanity is any better off without it. As his friend Dust asks,

But what about a random, chaotic universe that can be exploited at any time by, say, someone like me, or you, or the creator? Is that less evil?

Billy’s only response is that even though fate is bad, complete random chaos, which he believes the universe to be, is just as bad, so, “We’re screwed either way.”

Explanations: The premise of this piece is pretty simple. Billy Bane is a profit and Molly Sue is his disciple. But what this was leading to wasn’t clear up until this third issue. This gets into aforementioned monsters from another plane of existence. The monster calls itself Legion. Whatever Legion is, it is big and strong and doesn’t mind killing people (aliens or humans), because it does a lot of that. It also gives some explanation to the point of its existence, which flies in the face of everything Billy believes. Now that I just wrote that sentence I understand this piece better, and I like it a lot more, suddenly. I won’t ruin it for you though. (As I said above: minor spoilers, not major).

Art: I wasn’t going to include this, but there are some really clever, humorous artistic decisions in this issue. The major one it the fact that Dust, a FUQ Bot (yes you read that correct) has a new appearance in which his dick is described as a banana that’s been lifting weights. Every shot of Dust in which his penis could be seen, a yellow happy face covers the whole area. It’s made even more humorous due to the fact that nothing in this comic is very defined art wise. Everything is drawn with thick dark lines. Dust’s penis, if the illustrator had decided to include it in the piece, would have looked like nothing more than a blue (Dust has blue skin) phallic line. Not the least bit offensive in my book. I still remember when the Simpson’s Movie came out and in the beginning, Bart’s penis is revealed. It’s not exactly explicit.

Conclusion: Like I mentioned in my last post concerning this comic, I’m not a huge fan of floppies. This is my last hard copy of this piece, and I think from now on, most of my comic reading will be digital. This doesn’t have anything to do with the quality of the comic, more just the medium and availability of the platform. I’ll likely grab #4 and #5 in the weeks to come, as I heard Wasted Space was picked up for a full 20 issue run, 4 volumes in total. Glad to see it stick around.

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