Rip Us Apart, to appear in Speculative City: Issue 3

I know it’s been some days since I’ve posted. Sorry. I’ll get back to comics and books and all that stuff in a bit. I’ve been in a bit of a funk.

Luckily, the funk was interrupted a day or so ago by an acceptance letter I got from Speculative City, a spec-fic ezine. It is a new ezine, biannual publication, and has just been around for about a year. My piece, Rip Us Apart, will be included in issue 3.

Speculative City is a magazine dedicated to urban areas and concepts. Stories that take


place in the unseen parts of the cities we all inhabit–whether permanently, or just in passing. Each issue is themed and the artwork is really awesome. It’s clean without being pretentious, genre without being cheesy, and a passion project for editors Meera Velu and Devon Montgomery. I say it’s a passion project due to the fact that is is a 2 person staff–just them, and they actually pay everyone who is published, not a lot, but something. And that likely comes out of the editors’ pockets. That’s commitment. And this makes me want to support them. So here’s my plug for them. Become a patron of Speculative City on Patreon. They aren’t asking for much, but their goal is to be able to pay authors a fair price for their pieces. Their ambitions, thus far, are small, but I believe they will grow if given the funds. So click here to help out these fine folks.


From the Speculative City Patreon:

Speculative City is a bi-annual magazine featuring literary works that explore themes, characters, and landscapes exclusive to urban environments.

Each issue of Speculative City strives to push the boundaries of a particular theme, as well as highlight voices often unheard in genre fiction. Such voices may, for example, belong to people of color, queer people, working-class people, and people with disabilities.

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