Comic Review: Warning # 1

The Warning combines authentic military language with a classic science fiction plot. Published by Image Comics and written and drawn by Edward Laroche, The Warning offers fans of military science fiction a new series to be excited about.


Classic plots easily become cliches in a genre that is often as formulaic as military science fiction. However, The Warning treads a fine line between classic and cliche to offer up a visually stunning, if tried piece of work.

The plot begins with the observance of a honey bee landing on a flower. A caption graces each panel; the internal dialogue of a soldier. His thoughts are poetic, his musing existential in nature, setting a tone that readers can’t forget even after the panels pull back and show readers a scene of an airbase. Soldiers gear up for an airdrop.

A flashback ensues. A woman sleeps on a couch. She looks worse for wear. The phone call she answers gets her out of bed, however. The military program that Congress scrapped, it’s back on, and it’s time for her to get to work. She ups her self with some coke from a small bottle. In the final panel, she looks better, her eyes clear. She’s ready to work.

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