Comic Review: DIE #5

Die #5

Image Comics

Writer: Kieron Gillen

Artist: Stephanie Hans

Anyone following DIE knows it’s many things at once. How writer, Kieron Gillen, and artist, Stephanie Hans, manage to create an epic science fiction/fantasy story that is simultaneously a deconstruction and critique of the genre, is as breathtaking in its art, as it is thought-provoking in content. While younger readers may miss some references, comic fans with a bit more vintage will see much in this issue to ponder.


The Grandmaster, Sol, constructs a vast and time-consuming campaign for the Paragons. Three dungeons, each consisting of twelve guardians. If any of the Paragons want to get back to their real lives, they’re looking at months of planning and instance running. But then, Ash, Chuck, Matt, Isabelle, and Angela aren’t the old character classes you’ve seen in other fantasy stories. These characters, these classes break rules; break games. However, when all is said and done, it’s not clear what the cost of their actions are. The question is: what world is more real, the one of death and magic, or the one they left behind?

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