Congratulations (Freewrite)

The crowd milled about. Every footfall, every “congratulations” broken between the lips of loved ones, echoed in the gymnasium.
Rosie weaved through her congratulated classmates, searching for her parents. Amanda had found her mother at the edge of the walkway as the row of students walked out. Now everyone had returned to the gym, a clip rain starting outside. Everyone smiled and cameras flashed, but many wondered if this rain would be the next to flood their city. Then she saw them.
“Congratulations, honey!” Mom and Dad came rushing toward her.

Mom was first to wrap her daughter in a hug. “Oh, we are so proud of you,” she said.

“Grandmama, Grandpapa is too, and all our family, as far back as Fransisco Guidolio.”
“Thank’s, mom,” said Rosie, with a little smile.

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