Morning Pages 10/14/19

The city center is filled with people. Some, the guards all in plate and chain and spears and some of them swords. You also see some towns-folk, some commoners. They look like a lowly bunch, destroyed by the riot the night before.
A man on a podium stands beneath the statue of Phausten, God of Justice, and preaches to any who listen. You see that it’s mostly the guards dressed in the white mail of Phausten that pay him any head.
“–See this ruin before you are not random happenstance. It was not brought on by chance or change or even by evil.”
You notice the man has flowing white hair, a hooked nose, and the pointed ears of an elf. He wears two swords strapped across his back.
“This is nothing more than justice, brought to you by Phausten himself.”
As you listen you hear a commoner, a dwarf shout back, “How is this justice Dandil? I’ve done nothing wrong–I sell nothing but fine wears and ore in The Melt, and now I’ve lost everything–everything.”
Dandil Sharpeye looks down at the dwarf, a smirk on his face. “This is just the type of exceptionalism that led to the events of the Pale riots last night!–”
“That’s not true!” yells the toward, and many other common folk chime in. “Liar!”
“My sheep were slaughtered!”
“My house was broken into! You Call That Justice?”
“I haven’t seen my son since he went to help the City Watch! Where has he gone?”
The commoners are angry and with good reason. Their city is in ruins, their homes destroyed, their goods stolen or lost.
Dandil Sharpeye raises a hand to quell their voices, and by some power, they fall silent.
“People, people of City Orstieg. It does no good to apportion blame. These justices that were carried out last night were not upon you. Phausten cares nothing for the individual. No. He is only concerned with the whole. These injustices that were right were those of the entire region, dating back millennia.”
“You’re wrong!” shouts a human woman. “My daughter was raped last night–she says by one of your men! How then is this justice!”
You notice, off to the side, as Dandil Sharpeye continues to preach his justice-story, a young woman. The only other half-elf in City Orstieg.

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