Morning Pages: 10/21/19

“I’ve been looking for this crossing for a very long time,” she said, considering him as he cradled his arm.
He grunted. “You know the law then?”
She pulled a chair from the table and sat down on it near his cot. He opened his eyes just enough to see her face. It was as pale as he had thought. Even as the keeper of the river Fae, the ferryman hadn’t seen many beings who lived in the land he kept hidden.
He noted how here eyes were perhaps larger than a human’s, how her lips were perhaps thinner. Her hair finer. Her ears certainly pointed in a way humans were not. Everything about her face was sharp and severe, yet he could tell that she was soft, even through his pain.
“The law?” she asked him.
He closed his eyes again. “No one can go back to Faerie. Not after they’ve left.”
She looked a little surprised. “Why’s that?”
The ferryman shrugged, with the first rueful smile he’d been able to muster. “It’s the law, innit’?”
“Is it?”
“It is.”
“Well, I suppose we’ve broken it then, haven’t we?” she asked.
The ferryman opened his eyes again. “We?”
“Well, yes. You helped me across on your boat and that means you’re implicated also.”
“I–but–you–broken–,” he fell silent.
She shushed him and told him not to worry. She’d figured this out. She’d been around for a long time, after all. “I’ve seen pretty much all there is to see in the human world,” she said. “For a long time, I wondered why my friends died and I didn’t. So I visited the deserts and the oceans and the mountains and forests to find out. That’s who told me where I was from. And that’s how I came here and found you… and… what’s your name, anyway?” she asked. “Mind if I smoke?”
The ferryman glared and shrugged. “Not in the cabin.”
She stowed her pack of XXX and said, “and your name?”
The ferryman did his best to shrug, but it was half-hearted. Her already wide eyes got even wider. “You don’t have a name?”

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