D&D Planning Morning Pages 10/24/19

The bag is pulled from your head. You feel it, but the light doesn’t register at first. It’s blinding and you shut your eyes before it.
“He’ll be down to see you soon,” said the voice of the guard that brought you here.
The light wavers in front of you and the shadow of the man, the guard, this fire-wielding demon, fades away and you are again, left in darkness.
Then the sense comes back. Dark as any tomb the room is. The cell. The dungeon. You wave your hand in front of your face but can see nothing. The drip-drip of water overhead is all you hear other than ragged breath. The stone under you is hard and cold as death. You stand up in the void and place your hands out in front of you and walk forward. You are greeted with a wall. It is as cold as anything else in this place. It is rough and dirty and you know not what your hands might feel if you continue. The smell is sweet and putrid, like fruit gone to rot and meet lain out in the sun. The only upside is there are no flies down here. Too damn cold. But how is that? How can that be? Floors above, you know that outside, out there, it is summer and dry and the sun beats down on every back and head and threatens to burn them raw. So what then is the place? So cold and dark and dank.
You hear a clink and swivel around. Then a hard grating comes and light spills into the cell from a whole in what you now see is a door to your left.
“Hi,” says a thin voice, full of courage and knowing. “As you might have guessed–I am Dandil Sharpeye.”
“What are your names?”
The hole in the door, blazing with flame, begins to die. The torch is pulled back, your eyes adjust and you see a calm smooth face, elven and pure and perfectly chisseled from porcelain.
“Why are we here?” asks the wizard.
The elf on the other side of the cell door gives a chuckle. “Oh, you already know. I know you do.”
“We didn’t kidnap your daughter,” says the bard.
“Didn’t you?” asks the elf. “Then how did she come to be outside the gates? the gates, I may add, that were shut to all?”


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