About Alex Clark-McGlenn, and Nors

Me, Alex Clark-McGlenn, and to the right, also me–Nors

Hi. I’m Alex Clark-McGlenn. I write fiction. I was a staff writer for sequentialplanet.com from 2018-2020 and enjoy the world and story-telling form of comics. I’m an avid fan of collective storytelling games, like D&D but really enjoy more indie titles that expand on the TTRPG genre. I facilitate The One Ring West Marches Discord Server and Foundry Shared-Table as Nors (see above, right). I write adventure modules and supplements for the TTRPG, Warlock! (by Fire Ruby Designs) a game based on the early British Tabletop Roleplaying Games.

When I’m not being a nerd, I play soccer, go on bicycle tours, hike the Cascades, and love mountaineering. I live in The Pacific Northwest with my wife, dog, and our roommate Wellington–he is a cat.