Comic Review: Self/Made #3

Self/Made #3

Image Comics

Writer: Mat Groom

Artist: Edwardo Ferigato

Self/Made, as the title suggests, is a comic about the lives we choose for ourselves as well as the lives that are thrust upon us. With a foundation of science fiction and a healthy dose of intermittent fantasy mechanics, Self/Made gives author, Mat Groom, and artist, Edwardo Ferigato, ample room to explore genre as much as existential themes.

Rebecca, a savvy programmer, has created the singularity. The singularity is a video game character named Amala. To test that Amala is actually sentient, Rebecca guides her creation into another game filled with space zombie-things. The leader of the space zombies is none other than Bryce, Rebecca’s corporate nemesis at the company she works at. Rebecca and Amala must win the game to prove Amala’s sentence.

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Comic Review: StarCraft: Soldiers #1

StarCraft: Soldiers #1

Dark Horse

Writers: Jody Houser & Andrew R. Robinson

Art: Miguel Sepulveda

I’ve always steered clear of comic books based on video games. Typically I read original work that focuses on complex relationships in fantastical or science fiction worlds. However, I thought I’d take a shot on StarCraft: Soldiers, having grown up playing the original video game. Sadly, all my fears of video game/comic book crossover contrivances are true in Starcraft: Soldiers #1.

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Comic Review: Isola #6

Isola #6

Image Comics

Writer: Brenden Fletcher and Karl Kerschl

Artist: Karl Kerschl and MSassyK

Isola is back for the new year with issue 6, which picks up right where chapter one left off. Queen Olwyn is a luminescent tiger, once again, #5 has been more than a dream but perhaps less than objective reality. Readers can’t help but wonder how much magic is involved compared to the character’s own psyche–and #6 is no different.

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