Comic Review: Invisible Kingdom #2

Invisible Kingdom #2

Dark Horse Comics

Writer: G. Willow Wilson

Artist: Christian Ward


In Invisible Kingdom #2 Vess, a zealous Roolian, and Grix, a bullheaded spaceship captain, come closer together by way of a conspiracy. While these two characters haven’t met yet, by the end of this issue, events seem sure to draw them together.


The crew of the courier spaceship, the Sundog, is behind schedule. Can you blame them? Nobody expects equipment failure. The real kicker of it all: they asked for a maintenance request from Lux, their employer, months ago. As they shuttle into a Lux space station, the Sundog crew discusses what they’ll tell the Lux functionary about a cargo anomaly. An anomaly that points to a sinister and illegal partnership–a partnership some might even kill to keep secret.

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Comic Review: Outpost Zero #9

Outpost Zero #9

Image Comics

Writer: Sean Kelly McKeever

Artists: Jean-Francois Beaulieu & Alexandre Tefenkgi


Somewhere, deep below Outpost Zero, is a secret. It causes anomalies in the form of power dips and gravsync distortions. But why? Sam and Alea won’t rest until they find out.


Sam flies through the air, dropping down below the inhabitable parts of the outpost, to a lower level. The gravsync anomaly lets him glide down without harm. A moment later Alea follows him. They take their time exploring a ruined part of the outpost. Deep below the inhabited sections, they find a path to where the anomaly originates. . . at least they think. At the same time Alea’s favorite team, Discovery Team, disbands, leaving her uninspired about the future other than her adventures with Sam. Discovery Team is abolished due to the dangers people face, in #8, Kanaan was killed. Alea makes a promise to Lyss: No matter how much she and Sam explore, nobody will get hurt. But that’s not the type of thing you can promise someone when you live at the edges of the known universe.

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Comic Review: Buffy The Vampire Slayer #4

Buffy The Vampire Slayer #4

BOOM! Studios

Writer: Jordie Bellaire

Artists: Dan Mora & Raúl Angulo

It’s been a whole month since Buffy discovered she has an ally against the forces of evil, Camazotz. And with Willow and Xander taking more active roles in the hands-on slaying, I was excited to see what adventures #4 would bring.


This comic stays true to the hit show and dedicates episodes (or issues) to different characters. #4 is definitely a Xander issue. The story follows Xander’s perspective and thoughts throughout and we get his ideas on girls, self-worth, and his desires. After the action-packed #3, this issue takes an abrupt turn and in classic Buffy fashion, dives into real life issues. Sunnydale is experiencing a down-tick in vampires and demons, so Buffy gets the night off. In an attempt to relax the Scooby gang makes plants to see a movie and Willow invites her girlfriend, and a boy named Robin. Xander already has a crush on Buffy, though, so isn’t excited about Robin’s attendance. But then Xander gets a text. . . from Buffy. . . who lost her phone.

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