First Patreon Projects Posted!

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Today I posted a few things on Patreon. First, my morning pages, which is free. You don’t need to be a contributor to read those. I also posted an audio story I wrote, recorded, and cut. It’s also free, as I want people to know the type of thing I’m creating and thought that would be a good example. Lastly, I posted the full story The DJ Navigator. Thus far it’s the only story that is Patron only. You can listen to it for free, but to read it, it’s a couple bucks. That’s all.

Why post the recording for free?

Well, to have access to subsequent recordings, it will take a backing of $5 per month. I want people to know what they’ll be paying for. So. . . The first is free. I hope you enjoy it.

Here is a link to my Patreon! 


Patreon, now live!

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After two years of deliberation, I figured, why not. I started a Patreon page. I need something to hold myself accountable, and this feels like the right move. It’s felt like the right move for a while, but I was just too scared to go for it.

Mainly, what I’m excited about is that a Patreon page allows me to focus on works I like, rather than working on material OTHER people like. I’ll even go far enough to toot my own horn here a little, I think what I like other people will also. But we’ll see. I’m not expecting to see many people contribute to my Patreon–but hey, consistency builds community, and I know how to be consistent. . . . sorta.

I’ve fallen out of my daily morning pages routine, but the Patreon is a good excuse to get back to it. Furthermore, it makes me more excited to write stuff. Submitting to magazine day in and day out has worn me down and I’m excited to explore a different medium.

So, if you have some time, go check out my Patreon page by clicking this link. There are three tiers to contribute to, and there are 2 goals I have set up once I reach a certain contribution amount per month. I think they’re pretty exciting. Even if you don’t pledge, check back to see my morning pages each day. Some of them might even turn into full short stories.

Twitter: I quit you.

I have finally done what I’ve thought about doing for over a year. I deleted my twitter account. After a protracted battle with myself about whether Twitter was really worth being a part of due to the opportunities it provides to speak with editors/agents/other writers, I just decided I can’t do it. While I’ve made some good connections there, it is more often than not, a time suck that just keeps me from doing things that are actually meaningful, like writing, critiquing, working on my craft.

I finally decided I need to write for myself and eliminate the distractions Twitter provides.

It would say it’s a sad day, but it’s actually really liberating.

I will likely be able to review more stories because of this as well.