7/29/15 Was It Her Own?

As soon as the chain slid through Susie’s fingers she felt a tug deep within her chest. It was unlike any pain she’d ever felt before. It was a claw stuck within her heart pulling outward, but deeper still it went, like her very essence had been bottled and–could it be her soul? was being torn from her. She gasped in pain and the air in her lungs shot from her like an arrow had punctured them.

“Give it back.” her voice was shrill, and suddenly something was rushing to smash into her face. It was the ground. “Give it, now! I can’t—”

The Scotsman kneeled and thrust the vial back into her hand. Immediately Susie could hear a screaming. A terrible, terrified scream. Was it her own?

7/28/15 A Beating

Susie was supposed to be in class by 1:30 but she didn’t go. If she had merely been playing hooky she would have been frightened of the consequences. Just last year she had skipped because Bobby Sputnik had found a lizard den under his back porch and his mother had been working at the general trading post. For that Susie’s father had beat her, though not, perhaps, as severely as he had believed. She had begged and whined and with each slap of the belt she had screamed bloody murder in the hopes someone would hear her and stop him. But after it was over he had held her in his arms and told her he loved her more than anything and that it was for her own good. She didn’t know if anything about the experience was good but she did know she wouldn’t be skipping school again–that was, unless the lizards within the den at Bobby Sputnik’s had babies.

7/27/15 In The Darkness

In the darkness nothing happened. Nothing changed. But suddenly the vial flared with light. The rays, white and as fast as shooting stars nearly blinded Susie, but suddenly she could see through the water like the clearest crystal.

She was in the middle of the pond and she realized now that she would sink to the very bottom. And her lungs had surpassed burning and she began to jerk as a great pain thrust inside her chest. Again it happened. A great pain there, as though she must vomit. But she kept her lips tightly closed and did not let her body succumb.