Kinship of Humanity

Open wide under the veil of fog at night.

Me–the receiver–of half-shut-lips.

Open wide, kinship of humanity.

I am the man who comes and goes.

Open wide and spill the cash like sawdust,

Suck until there is no more.



Winter Station

Winter’s Station

with befogged windows. The smoke

of locomotives or steam

like clouds that die.

The pressure of the whistle

starts the sleeping players from their dreams,

necks sore from crooked angles and

hearts broken in their chests.

Comic Review: StarCraft: Soldiers #1

StarCraft: Soldiers #1

Dark Horse

Writers: Jody Houser & Andrew R. Robinson

Art: Miguel Sepulveda

I’ve always steered clear of comic books based on video games. Typically I read original work that focuses on complex relationships in fantastical or science fiction worlds. However, I thought I’d take a shot on StarCraft: Soldiers, having grown up playing the original video game. Sadly, all my fears of video game/comic book crossover contrivances are true in Starcraft: Soldiers #1.

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