Creative Works

by Alex Clark-McGlenn, also Nors

Published Fiction:
The Lost Doll, Best New Writing 2016
The Story of Grandma Snow,
The Cost of Paper: Volume Three
Connect The Dots, Adelaide Magazine
The Sad Tree, The Cost of Paper: Volume Four
Masks Keep Mother Quiet,
​Rip Us Apart, Speculative City: Issue 3
The Song of Everything, Millennial Pulp, Vol 1

Wattpad Stories:
Year-Long Summer Camp (Complete)
Aporia Astra (Complete)
Galrad And The Infinite Watch (Complete)
The Song of Everything (Complete)

The Way We Drown: A Novel (In progress)

Authored Gaming Materials as Nors:
Mother’s Brood: a Warlock! supplement, Fire Ruby Designs.
Garrem Hold: A System-Agnostic Micro-Setting
The Three-Fold-Face: A Quest RPG Adventure
The Void Binder: A Quest RPG Class
Crypt of the Foul: A Quest RPG Adventure
Into The Haunted Forest: A Quest RPG Adventure
The Godkin: A Rules Supplement for Quest RPG