Jan 20th, 2018, Herbert West: Reanimator; Part VI: The Tomb-Legions by H.P. Lovecraft, The New Annotated H.P. Lovecraft

The sixth and final part of Herbert West’s story finally sees the relationship between West and the narrator deteriorate completely. After Part V, in which West begins to reanimate parts of the human body, rather than a full corpse, the narrator of the story becomes disillusioned¬†with his friend’s work. This begs the question of why this man would stay in West’s company as he becomes increasingly paranoid and deranged. It is recounted how West begins to look upon the narrator with an unnerving hunger, as well as other able-bodied people. While others do not understand the look West gives, they do perceive¬†the fear of the narrator, and so this is why the police suspect him of foul play in the disappearance of Herbert West.

However, the narrator maintains his innocence and recounts how all the different specimens that he and West brought back to life assembled and. . . well. It isn’t pretty. And the last part of this piece shows the other-worldliness HPL was famous for. While this tale doesn’t deepen the religious mythos, it does ground readers firmly in the places that will play larger roles in the stories to come. Overall, not my favorite HPL piece, but likely a good sampling of his work.