Best of 2018: by Alex Clark-McGlenn


Comic Books


Series of the Year: Isola

Isola #1

Isola gets a ton of acclaim. It’s not an accident. Brendan Fletcher (creator, writer) and Karl Kerschl (creator, writer, artist) have struck a chord with a piece that is adventurous, ambiguous, and moving all at once. As seems to be protocol at Image Comics these days, they’ve found another fantastic story. The first chapter of the series, 1-5, is over, but Isola is slated for a much-anticipated return in mid-January 2019. Readers are hoping for some flesh on the bones of a fantastical world we’ve barely come to know. It will be exciting to see how expansive the world, plot, and cast of characters becomes when this hit series continues.

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12/31/14 or the end of the year

“Well, it’s been an interesting one, hasn’t it Frank?”

“You’re darn-tootin’. I can’t recall a year that had so much drama, excitement, heartbreak, and nail biting hullabaloo.”

“That’s for sure. Why don’t you kick us off with your top three stories of this year?”

“Thank you, Frank. Well my first story actually started way back in December of 2013, I don’t if I’m technically allowed to pick something that didn’t start in 2014, but I’m going to approve it myself, because the news all came spilling into the popular realm of consciousness in 2014. Of course, I am talking about Ebola.

“It was a good year for this nasty virus. It infected over 10,000 people, which is very rare for a virus that takes the life of the victim with such speed. Ebola mutated here and there, it made some headlines, and in the end became some more news to throw in the dung heap.

“Next up on my top three is Crimea and the piece of shit that is Vladimir Putin. Europe hadn’t even had a skirmish since WWII and the Russian dictate decided to ruin the ongoing record by invading Ukraine. Yes, a majority of the people in Crimea identify themselves as Russian. But that is no excuse to invade a whole country. Putin should have a difficult time sleeping each night because of the things he has done, however, I am certain he does not as he falls asleep on sheets made from Siberian Tigers pelts.

“Last on my list is Science VS. Religion. Not since Mike Tyson bit Holyfield has there been a brawl of such heavyweights. The man who once ran such a popular kids science show Bill Nye took on what might have been the easiest debate ever against a man who believes dinosaurs and humans lived at the same time. Apparently carbon dating is irrelevant. Ken Ham simply won’t believe anything he can’t experience. . . how he experiences God is a mystery to everyone but him. The debate itself was interesting if only for the fact that Bill Nye ran circles around a man who refused to address the issues and instead turned each question into whatever he wanted to talk about.”

“Thank you, Brian, for giving me, and all of our listeners the low down stories of 2014.”

“You bed, Frank.”

“Now we move into the year of 2015. A year that not so long ago seemed like a future that would have flying cars, replicants (see Bladerunner) and interstellar travel. But we’ve not come as far as some might have thought. We still pump gas from the station and overpay our politicians. We still snipe at those we don’t agree with, and we’ll continue to do all these things in the year to come. People will die and others will be born. Problems will arise and in the end everyone needs to work together in order to survive harmoniously. However, this doesn’t always work out. Who will be taking and who will be taken from? That’s coming up next, in 2015.”