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Hello all, I know it’s been a hot minute since I last posted. I apologize. I’ll try to be more on it. And truth be told it’s not because I haven’t been reading or reviewing comics, it’s because my platform for doing so has changed. While it was fun posting my own reviews on here, I saw a post on r/comics for comic reviewers and hopped at it. I’m now a contributor to Sequential Planet: comic, movie, and video game review/news website. It’s really a nice space, so go check it out.

So, what have I written lately? I’ve reviewed the new Image comic line, Dead Rabbit issues #1 and #2, as well as Sparrowhawk #2, from BOOM! Studios. here are links to all three.

Dead Rabbit #1

Dead Rabbit #1Dead Rabbit is a new ongoing series published by Image Comics. It is dark in tone, message, and content, and thus recommended for mature readers. Written by Gerry Duggan and illustrated by John McCrea Dead Rabbit tells the story of a (fictional) notorious robber.

Dead Rabbit #2

Dead Rabbit tells the story of Martin and Megan Dobbs. Martin was once known by a different name. A name that made headlines and was spoken out loud with a mixture of both admiration and fear: Dead Rabbit. But that was a long time ago and Martin retired from the game. Just before Dead Rabbit vanished, however, it’s believed he ripped off millions from a notorious gangster. They’ve waited years for him to reappear.

Sparrowhawk #2

Sparrowhawk is a 5 issue mini-series by BOOM! Studios. Sparrowhawk tells the story of Artemisia. A young woman of mixed race (African and English) who lives in England in 1851. In #1 she is pressed to marry to save her families fortune. To her surprise, however, she is yanked through a mirror into the land of Faerie. Sparrowhawk #2 continues the story of what happens while she is in Faerie.

In addition to my weekly comic review for SP, I have some other exciting projects in the works, and I’ll make sure to tell you all about them as they come to fruition. I’ll make sure to post links to my comic reviews each week as well.



9/15/15 Breeze (part 5)

“Are you hungry. Andy? Breakfast?” Brent was off the phone now. Brent stood behind the couch that faced the TV.

Oh my Gosh. Good God! yelled the TV.

Tyler looked at the TV. The camera zoomed in on a speck falling from one of the smoking building.

Oh, Dear God. People. People are, the woman speaking on the TV stuttered then said, People are jumping from the building. People are flinging themselves from the broken wreckage. This is–this is unprecedented. This is—

Tyler heard a cough. He turned and looked up into Brent’s face. The man wasn’t crying. No, this time the look on his face was much worse. it was stretched and thin and pale. He looked like Tyler had felt that time he’d gotten real sick and thrown up all over the desk at school. Dad was shaking his head.

“Let’s mute it,” said Dad. “I can’t listen to this.”

“What about the news? What about Alison. What–what—”

“We won’t know what’s happened, we can’t know,” said Dad. “We, we should play a game, maybe.”

“A game?” asked Brent, like he’d never known the word, like he’d never played a game in his life.

Now it look as though another explosion has hit the second building, said the TV.

They all looked at it.

It looks as though something has fallen off the second building. We have Dan Rutherford there, on the ground. Dan, can you tell us what you’re seeing?

On the TV smoke was billowing up. shot into the air slightly, but mostly it spread out, swallowing up other buildings in its path.

Yes, Dianne. I’m four blocks away from the World Trade Towers, and Tower Two has just collapsed, said a man’s voice.

The woman’s voice. It collapsed? The whole building?

Yes. It fell in on itself. It looked much like a demolishing of an old building. It looked like a demolition.

Yes, thank you, Dan, said the woman. It looks as though Tower Two has collapsed. These are just incredible images, incredible.

Dad crossed in front of Tyler and sat down on the couch. Brent did the same. Tyler looked at them. Brent with his wide shoulders and cropped hair, dad in his long coat with short, scratchy hair on his cheeks and chin. Both men looked drawn and pale and at a loss for what to do.

“Look at us,” said Dad.

“I know,” Brent responded.

“Tyler, come here,” said Dad. Tyler went and Dad wrapped his arms around him and help him close. “Everything will be alright,” he said into Tyler’s ear.

“We’ve come a long way,” said Brent.

“Sorry it takes something like this,” said Dad.

“Me too,” said Brent.

Tyler wasn’t sure what they were talking about. The news report continued to roll. No new information. No new footage. All anybody knew was that The United States of America were under attack.

“I don’t blame her, you know,” said Dad.


“I don’t,” he said.

“Ok. Maybe you’ll get to tell her.”

“I’m telling you,” said Dad.

“You’ll get to tell her,” said Brent.

“I don’t—”

“You’ll get to tell her,” Brent repeated. There was a finality to his voice.

Dad nodded. Tyler looked at him. His father’s eyes were far and away. In a time and place Tyler didn’t know or remember.